This is totally crazy but I don’t’ really go to the gym anymore. In fact, I don’t take classes as much as I used to. I have taken on the practice of moving my body throughout the day, especially when I need to be creative, running to the gym or trying to make a class just doesn’t always work, but keeping a strong body and healthy heart is priority so I have taken on a new practice. I was a Personal Trainer for over 15 years so it came to a surprise when I realized I didn’t want to renew my certification and I wasn’t pushing myself as hard to get to the gym anymore.

When I first got into fitness it was to help myself and others get strong and be able to feel confident in our bodies. As time went on and our bodies were physically in good shape so I began to explore yoga, meditation, and nutrition. I learned more about the importance of having these practices along with the exercises for a strong body. But then something happened to me, I began to realize we may be strong physically and may appear to be doing everything we need to do for a healthier lifestyle, however, our state of mind isn’t aligned with manifesting that to life.

I noticed so many of my own manifestations in so many ways in my life that it became clear the exercises I needed to do to build a powerful state of mind. It’s a daily practice and unless we stay in tune with the thoughts that are floating around then we may not be aware of the influence it has on our actions, we may not be seeing clearly what we need to do to manifest what we want.

Here are some of my top exercises for manifesting a powerful mind:

  1. Self-care rituals
  2. Move your body:
  3. Make healthy choices
  4. Create a morning ritual
  5. Create an evening ritual

I know it sounds simple, but it isn’t. For me to make the choice of nuts over chips or kombucha over wine is a conscious decision because to me, these choices are what keeps my body and mind strong for the things life brings on. I don’t ever want to take for granted that I am ok, healthy because I eat right. I have to believe it to be so as well. There are so many moments in my life that I can say I made the choice that led to the experience that was to come after. And when I began to look at my life in this way, I began to see the things I can do differently to change the results I was getting. It is important to me to be authentic. I have a strong desire to be raw, it’s who I am, however with that comes confrontations and at this point, I am not sure that’s who I want to be. In creating self-care rituals and moving my body often as well as meditating, I see clearly the things I want to change so that I can get the outcome I desire.

Take on these simple steps and you will notice yourself getting stronger, you will see that there is absolutely no reason you can’t dream BIG and go for it. You can find health, a disease is a signal that something needs to change. Get to know your body by getting bloodwork, noticing your heart rate and digestive system. Feel how they are functioning and if you notice a shift, then see a professional you trust. Right now I am on day 4 of The Course In Miracles and the assignment is

These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place]

When you think of life in this way, you will notice when shift needs to happen to get you the outcome you want. Remember you are powerful.



Hope you are having the best day ever!