There are three essential things you must do if you wake up with anxiety:

  • meditate
  • movement
  • nutrition

I know this as a fact not just because I learned about it, but because I live it. Once I get out of bed and begin to step into my day, my anxiety begins. It starts with a slightly elevated heart rate, then a slight shake of my hand. This has been something I’ve experienced most of my life, however, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of the shift in my body and the most interesting part is that there doesn’t need to be a reason. In the past it was due to all the drama I had going on in my life, now it’s just me being alive.

When I was a child I was afraid of the fights my mom would have, I was afraid of the beatings my grandma and grandpa gave, I was afraid of the kids making fun of me, I was afraid of the boyfriend hitting me, I was afraid of the girls jumping me, and I was afraid of the guys trying to rape me. This list could go on, but I think you get the idea. Life brought much trauma’s my way and eventually, these traumas caused me to jump out of my skin when a door slammed behind me or someone screamed my name. The things that shouldn’t scare me, did and so my fight or flight was out of control. My adrenaline was and still is always activated. I’ve learned that releasing this trauma takes time, sometimes a lifetime so I have decided to take my knowledge of nutrition and healthy living to help me find inner peace and outer happiness.

As I become healthier body and mind, I’ve come to realize a natural morning routine, as I get out of bed and begin my day, anxiety creeps into my life.

When I coach clients through their morning routine, I always state the importance of setting up your day and surrendering your day. In between this is all the functional things you need to do to be healthy body and mind. This is essential for your work, your relationships, and most important for you. I have been testing morning rituals for a few months now, especially after I learned I was losing estrogen and raising my progesterone causing me to have panic attacks when there was nothing to panic about. With all of the rituals I’ve created for myself, this is what seems to have finally brought me to a peaceful state of mind.


Hands down I am a better person because of it. I have done everything from mantra repetition to breathe awareness to stillness and all work for me during all different times of my life. THere is not one that is better than the other, they each serve their purpose and they all just are what I need to get that peace in my body and mind. I spend my morning connecting with my body and mind so that I can get clarity as to where I need my energy to be.


I love to go for a run and go to the gym for weights for my physical fitness, but if it’s for my mind, I need to move my body. That is why I get my mat and lay it out on the floor first thing and begin a movement practice. I don’t even bother changing my clothes. I do it in my underwear or naked so that there is no delay in getting my body to strengthen, lengthen and shift. I do some planks, pushups, downward dog to chataranga, and all different kinds of squats and lunges. There is no time to think about the weather, the time, whatever, I just get up and on my mat to move. Then a few days a week I make it outside for a run and to the gym for strengthening.


The first thing I put into my body is water with essential lemon or citrus oil to alkaline and support cleansing of my digestive organs. I then add drops of Francensnece and Coperia a new routine. These essential oils have been my new go-to for supporting a healthier nervous system. I then eat my oatmeal with bee pollen, chia seeds, and walnuts or the Joulebody Health Bar and take 200mg magnesium and vitamin D. This helps my moods, my energy and most important my body and mind. mid-day I make sure to have my greens either in powder form of fresh, depends on what I have available and in the evening I have 5HTP and magnesium.

Who I used to wake up as yesterday is no longer who I wake up to be today. Oddly enough, I have become a machine that needs to be supported. I am not sure how I will be without these rituals and I am so glad I don’t have to find out because once you’ve felt the way I did and feel the way I do now, there’s no turning back.

I decided after 15 years of working in the wellness industry that coaching is essential and that I needed to do it because it was needed. We are so confused by all the information out there and add to that our own bodies chemistry and trauma’s that unless you make it a full-time job, you will find yourself stuck in a cycle of trying and failing. The goal is to get to know who you want to be tomorrow and doing the work now to get you there.

Interested in coaching? Try a free session and find out just what we can do together. All is possible.

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Best day ever!