My husband and I moved in together fairly quickly after we started dating. It seemed logical. We worked for the same company and he lived way closer than me. We had similar jobs. He took his really serious and I didn’t. He would get out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. I didn’t. He was always on-time, getting to his desk and right to work. I didn’t. He got promoted twice in one year. I didn’t get promoted once.

Then I became a mom. Mother of his kid, a boy that didn’t sleep.  Morning rituals didn’t exist. It was survival. I was exhausted. This baby cried morning, noon and night. He slept in hour and a half increments. I was cranky, absent-minded and exhausted. With this memory still very clear in my head, it’s fair to say that morning rituals work if you have time and space, otherwise, it’s safe to say do what you need to survive because I am here to tell you this too will pass.

Now my boys are older and I have time. This means I can get in tune. I recently listened to Mel Robbins 5-4-3-2-1 concept. Although I don’t personally use this concept, I do think of it most mornings, especially the ones when I find myself struggling to get out of bed. Maybe I’m a slow learner but some rituals take me a while to incorporate especially morning ones. I have never been a morning person.

Here are some of extremely wealthy peeps rituals

RICHARD BRANSON -Swims around his island or goes kite flying

JACK DORSEY -meditates and jogs

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON -meditates 30 minutes


…and then my latest obsession Elon Musk,

This weekend alone, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is scheduled to launch two satellites. And that’s just one company. He’s also founder and CEO of Tesla and of Neuralink. It’s safe to say Musk is a productive guy — and it starts with his morning routine.

After getting six hours of sleep, the first thing the billionaire does when he wakes up at 7 a.m. is address what he calls “critical emails” for half an hour.

He drinks coffee, but most mornings he’s too busy for breakfast.

Next, the 45-year old entrepreneur and tech icon says goodbye to his five sons (from his first marriage) and sends them off to school.

Then Musk has a shower and drives to work. His mornings there are usually spent in engineering and design discussions, he says.

This is Musk’s daily routine, according to an interview with jobs website Glassdoor. The site recently ranked employees’ favorite CEOs and Musk came in eight place with a 98 percent approval rating, blowing away the average CEO approval rating of 67 percent. (The ranking is based on voluntary, anonymous submissions on Glassdoor.)


As Musk schedules the rest of his day, he has to relentlessly prioritize. And that’s his productivity recommendation for others, too.

“Focus on signal over noise. Don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t actually make things better,” he says.


With all the research I did, from my personal friends to clients to celebs, I find one common fact,

No one has the same morning rituals. In fact, if I looked at the people I admire, they have the worst morning rituals in my opinion as a Wellness Coach. My husband, for instance, he jumps out of bed as soon as his alarm goes off, showers, gets the kids up and eats breakfast while on emails on a bike to work. There is not a minute wasted.

Me, I get up grab my tablet read twitter for inspiration, roll over and onto my mat for yoga and stretches, bathroom, water, meditation, chlorophyll, bee pollen, maybe run and then to work. Yup it’s 10am by the time I am on the computer working.

My belief is that “morning rituals” depends on where you are in your life. If you just had a baby, if you travel a lot, if you have a highly demanding career, or if you have time and space for self-care. Either way, what’s most important is that you know what your goal is. If you claim it to be professionally driven however you aren’t out of bed until 8am and stay away from emails, then likely your professional advances will be delayed. Same if your goal is to be calm and focused but you wake up with coffee and emails.

My friend Lauran Walk’s  rituals made me laugh, not because it was actually funny but it’s real…

wake up to meditate (she’s a big fan of TM)
after she does a few things for herself, she begins the ritual of waking kid #1 – kid #4
and feeding them
and getting them to school.

Just reading it I was exhausted!!! By the time she got to her self-care rituals, it’s time to prepare for the pick-up of kids.

Another friend, a doctor and business owner wake’s up at 3:30am!! Rachel Hall is my hero! If I could ever wake up that early, how much would I really get done! She’s at her office by 7am and by that time she’s basically done mostly all she needed to do so she can just focus on her patients. It’s unreal! But I’ve known her for a year now and she achieves quite a lot in her days.

Ideally, you understand who you are at this given moment and what is it that you want to achieve. I have a strong desire to stay in the most peaceful state of mind allowing me to be clear on what I need to do for my goals. There is no right or wrong. However, you need to know what your expectations are and note that if you are not achieving what you want, then consider your morning rituals and make some changes to reflect your goals.

I have a few nutritional rituals I like to incorporate to help me with my total well-being. Please note, if you decide to use any of them, be sure it works for your body and mind. And if you aren’t sure, get in touch with your practitioner.

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