I was sitting with a group of woman listening to their stories. Watching their bodies shift in discomfort when they were asked to do something that would take them outside of who they already know themselves as was especially interesting to me because that was me. I was the one that spoke loudly and argued my point and had criticisms for anyone who went against me or tried to tell me what I should do when in fact I already knew what I needed to do because right now at this moment I know me.

Let me see if I can articulate what it is I am getting at. Ever find yourself in a sticky situation and someone gives you advice and it sounds like good guidance however you are not willing to accept it as a possibility because what they are asking of you is to be someone other than the person you currently are? The person you are is one that is used to drama, confusion, anxiety, and lot’s of stress. Peace and happiness is not something that is familiar, because well if you believed like I did that state of mind only happens to the rich and famous. So here this person who took the time to listen to my situation and was kind enough to give me advice to only get my response to be…

you just don’t understand. You aren’t in my situation. You don’t know what it takes to be able to get out of this situation because you’re not me.

There is such a beauty with this new generation. They are reminding us the importance of care,

Care can only happen from me to you, if I take care of me first.

Listening is powerful. If you listen to yourself speak in reaction to someone else’s comments. If you listen to someone else’s comments in response to your sharing. If you do these in synch with each other you will notice where healing is coming from next. I mean when I watch the dynamic of these women I sat with listening to their confusions, insecurities and the inability to see things differently, I didn’t judge them, however, I took a look at me. I asked myself how often had I done that. And when I do that what is it that I am not willing to see. What is this person saying to me that triggered me to react in such a way that at times I just want to rip their head off?

Listening is an art. It’s an art that is helpful to our own self-awareness.

Listening is the only time we can be moved and be in stillness at the same time.

So what I learned by watching these woman that I sat with was how I reacted to someone commenting against my advice, how my body cringed listening to how often negative comments were made on a circumstance, i mean like over and over again. The theme seemed to be

I am broke. I have no money. I’m not making money.

And finally watching someone go from stone cold,



Wow. Yeah well I guess I am resisting that. Maybe I do need to work on it.

The difference in all of it was me. I no longer looked at each of the women and questioned their lives or their actions but instead, I looked at what I can do to improve my thoughts, make sure my words were coming out with the clear intention of what I intend on manifesting for me. If I am saying I can’t do this or I am not smart enough for that or I don’t have the money for this, then I am setting myself up for just that.  When I sit in a room with a bunch of woman listening to me and ready to give me feedback and comments I at least owe them the time to listen to what they are saying. Then take that information and decide what to do with it.

I have been practicing this whole idea of “speak it to action”, “cause and effect,” and  “law of attraction”. All of them basically lead to the same idea, I am in control of what happens in my life. I can only identify with what they are saying because it’s an opportunity for growth and healing. I have a strong desire to manifest a life filled with peace and happiness. By listening to others I have the opportunity to see my own journey within theirs. I no longer assume I am separate from them, the idea of duality does not exist for me. I am non-dual, therefore I listen to what you have to say and how you say it.