Heal Your Gut to Amplify Your Intuition and Manifestation

Heal Your Gut to Amplify Your Intuition and Manifestation

At some point, you may have said “my gut is telling me something’s not right?

This is a real feeling triggered by our own body’s response to a situation. This is a guide that actually physically changes the way you feel so that you know something around you needs to be reconsidered.

I’ve always felt I had no intuition. I’ve found myself in so much trouble in life that I’ve decided there is no way I can trust myself. But at some point, I decided to try again so I read The Secret and followed it step by step. I bought Gabriel Bernstein’s book on The Universe Has Your Back and still didn’t get the outcome I put all my energy into manifesting. I meditated, exercised, and practiced yoga and journaling but still, I wasn’t getting what I wanted.

It wasn’t until I began to dive deep into my own bodies chemistry that I learned my gut needed healing and my mind needed support.

Here are some reasons why You MUST go on a Gut Healing program

    • Because you want to step up your game at work or relationships but find yourself too anxious to do so
      • Because you want to wake up knowing you are really going to meditate instead of running for a cup of coffee

    • Because you know your gut is connected to intuition but it’s clouded with poor microbiome health

Well if you can relate to any of these or you know what it feels like to be anxious, bloated, or in pain then you should begin to take action on a gut healing program.

Every practitioner has their own methods, here is mine:

  • Eat a variety of foods. I like to do this by looking at my foods based on their colors. Ideally you want to have a rainbow of colors in the food choices you make. Green, red, yellow, orange, and blue.
  • Fit in prebiotic foods like miso, Kimchi, and coleslaw. I also like to make apple cider vinegar tonics as well as using amino acid instead of soy sauce. Now if you have IBS, this is questionable and should definitely be monitored. Sometimes fermented foods can be more painful than helpful
  • Consider a probiotic. There are different strands of probiotic and some brands are stronger than others, but today you have many many choices and should do your research before you choose one.

Here are some good resources:





If you have any questions on how to get on a Gut Healing Program, reach out. Set up an appointment for a free consultation.

I will be launching a Crowdfunding Campaign for my nutritional supplement bar which I created to mindfully heal your gut and energetically balance your moods and cravings. That’s what healing your gut does for you, if you choose a higher vibration of living.

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