I feel overwhelmed. Like you’re giving me too many things to do and I’m not getting anything done.

Two of my clients made this comment in one week after completing session one with me. I heard the annoyance in their voices, a tone of panic, anger, and anxiety.  I am a highly anxious person and this emotion and reaction is extremely familiar to me.

Anxiety happens at all different times of our lives. It doesn’t’ just happen when we think something bad is going to happen. It can be at any point and sometimes it’s when you least expect it. I’ve become anxious when something good happens too. Even when something happens better than I ever imagined because I just can’t believe the outcome was what I dreamt it to be which means something is going to happen to make it go bad.

I manifested this! I am so excited. It’s a dream come true. I am so grateful. I worked hard for this. I deserve to be happy.

Then a day goes by and a shift happens. Panic comes over me and all of a sudden the talk becomes

Why did this happen better than I ever thought? Does this mean something is giong to happen to take it away. I mean who did I think I was to get this?

And there it is. My anxiety is back. I am anxiously trying to change my thought patterns. I am meditating more, running more, eating better, taking my vitamins mindfully, and still, my hand and heart are out of control and my mind is helping it stay in that state until finally I go to bed and hope that the next day it goes away.

My Mantra During Highly Anxious Times

Today I trust all my dreams and aspirations are being supported. I trust this journey is the path that is right for me at the right time of my life. I believe that I have a higher purpose. I know that I am meant to be happy and I know that my mind desires to be at a peaceful state. And I trust that I am doing all I can to get there.

I know what these clients are feeling. I have had a bolt of anxiety after I signed up for something that promised to give me the results I said I wanted, however, it requires me to commit to doing work every day. When I commit to something I start off strong but get mid-point, I begin to lose motivation. I can’t even explain why this is other than from what I’ve learned about attention deficit and anxiety, my brain struggles to commit to experiences I am not sure about.

I’ve also learned that these feelings of anxiety happen when I lose trust. When my expectations are too high, I get caught up in the outcome. Then as time goes by, the outcome that I thought I was going to get seems further away and I panic. I get angry and anxious.

And that is living with ADD, ADHD, and/or Anxiety. So what do we do about it? What do we do when we have struggles of attention and anxiety? I have done so much work on myself and with clients on self-care practices that I know help with the outcome of not staying stuck in that thought pattern for longer than needed. I have tried pharmaceuticals and natural remedies and here’s what I found that when I love myself for me first then I am able to

Do The Work.

Learn To Love Myself No Matter What.

Take Each Moment As A New Opportunity For Growth.

Know That Everything I Know Is From My Past.

Create A New Way Of Recreating Each Moment To Reflect The Future Moment I Am Seeking.

When I tried to alter my brain by adding Aderrall in my daily supplements, I wasn’t sure of the outcome.

Who was I going to become?

Was I going to be the focused, patient mom, creative coach and confident advocate of functional medicine?

Or was I going to zone out and not be productive?

To be honest, I was nither. Most of the time I found myself engaged in conversations for too long, drifting into thoughts for too long or feeling lazy for forcing my brain to work simply by a pill.

When I naturally work on altering my brain from distraction to focus, I have to really work on my own self-care practices. I have to own my actions and be totally present so that I am able to see when I am drifting or getting distracted. There is no medicine floating around in my body to get my brain to activate, I have to do that with exercise, food, and meditation. I have to be super mindful of my reactions.

When I hear a client, like these woman who I heard most recent sound agitated, anxious, or annoyed, I know where this comes from. I connect with that reaction because it’s one that I am too familiar with and that is why I work best with those that don’t easily trust the journey or are easily distracted.

Below are my recommendations that I use personally and are not meant to replace any doctors recommendations for you. I share what works for me as information or inspiration, not as a medical diagnosis and treatment. I had to say that legally.


  • Create a meditation practice. There is absolutely nothing that can bring me to the present moment and help me to be reminded that I am being supported, I just need to trust the journey like stepping into my meditation practice. I have a strong practice that I designed after many years of exploring and committing to doing it. I usually do yoga or body movements, journaling and breath awareness supported by my crystals and scents (candles, palo santo, or incense)
  • Write all your To-do’s that are on your mind. Every single thing even if it’s way far in your future. If it’s on your mind, dump it on paper. Science has shown this to be extremely helpful in getting present into the now
  • Do cardio. Cardio gets my endorphins going. This isn’t what I feel, this is what I know because I always come back a calmer version of me. IT helps me to sweat, to get present and to take time to think if I want or just be with my run if I want. There is no distraction. Just me and my run.


  • Write all your To-Do’s just like you would if you are feeling anxious. The only difference is prioritizing. I have learned that a symptom of ADD is the lack of ability to organize what needs to happen in order of priority due to the lack of Pre-frontal cortex activity, therefore getting it on paper and seeing what needs to happen vs trying to sort it out in your head
  • use your calendar. Use it as your project manager. It truly has been helpful for me to see what is expected of me. I find I hold myself more accountable when I see it on my calendar than when I have it in my head.
  • meditate
  • keep away from sugar, heavily salted foods, processed foods, and
  • eat more fatty foods like fish, healthy oils like coconut or olive oil and consider grounding foods like bananas, yams, sweet potatoes and celery

Ultimately, I’ve learned that if our desire to live a healthy, mindful life is strong enough then we will practice every day, all that we need to do to stay on track with our wellbeing. Some days it takes a lot of work for me to keep my mind from wandering into negative, low vibrational habits other days it feels natural to be happy and feel peaceful. Both are just moments in time.

Try Recipe for Vegan Cream of Celery Soup to support your body and mind at moments of anxiousness.