What can I tell you to help you understand my passion for wellness?

I wasn’t always and my story is filled with trauma, abuse, and total body-mind disconnect. I thought it was normal for my hands to shake and heart to beat fast. I thought it was ok to sleep 10 hour days and still want to sleep more. I thought it was cool that I couldn’t sit to read a book because that was just me.

I also thought numbing with junk food, gossip, drugs, and alcohol were living the life. I surrounded myself with people that kept me feeling bad about who I was and I probably made them feel bad too. It took a surprise pregnancy with a man I was deeply in love with to see that there had to be more to life. From the moment I found out I was pregnant until every single moment following I look for ways to feel good.

I began to realize I deserved to have people around me that helped me feel better about me, I began to realize I should be able to wake up without always feeling tired and angry. Most importantly my son deserved a healthier life. We all should have access to that. There is no reason for all the work I had been doing with exercising, educating, meditating, and dieting I should still feel like I was going to have a heart attack.

I was still easily frustrated, not able to focus and worst, I was emotionally tough on myself and my family. And finally, I was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, highly anxious and hormonal imbalance. Instead of taking medication, I decided to take a year off of alcohol, dive deep into technology and research. I realized what I had been doing wrong this whole time. And that is why I can help you. In 2009 I became a certified Health Coach, adding onto all my wellness certifications and education.

Most recently, I upgraded my credentials so that I can serve as many people, women in particular, in GUT HEALTH. What I learned from all my years in wellness is that the gut doesn’t lie. It knows when something is wrong and it wants to heal. It will heal. But you have to believe it will. I did, and always will. There is no room for yesterdays in my today’s unless of course, they allow me to live a higher vibrating life, right here, right now.

Together we support each other’s dreams and desires. I didn’t really believe I was powerful. It wasn’t until I was stripped of all that I knew that I realized all that I was. Your power is in your GUT. Your body-mind connection is key to your healthiest life ever.

My credentials:

500 HR Yoga Teacher. AADP. Certified Health Coach. NSCA. ISSA., Lifestyle Nutrition Coach, CEO of Joulebody Wellness and founder of Joulebody Cleanse, the first e-commerce food cleanse delivering national. I am a mother of two boys and a wife to an amazing man.