It’s hard to have clarity to make decisions in business & our lifestyle when we are in a state of fear and anxiety.  How can you get clarity?
As woman we are born caretakers. And as we grow older we need to set our boundaries so that it doesn’t create chaos and distractions in our lives. What area in your lifestyle or business do you need to set boundaries?
Confidence is something we must work for on a daily basis. Life can toss sh*t at us to knock us to our knees --a breakup or a failure of some kind. Are there rituals you create in your life to keep you rising up?

Our environment, relationships and careers can all bring toxic waste into our lives. Habits that will hold us back from living our dreams. Do you have rituals that help you to notice these habits and detox from it?

At times our body and mind feel so weak we feel paralyzed. It’s difficult to do anything other than what we are comfortable with. Is there something you do daily to strengthen your body and your mind?

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