Heal Your Gut to Amplify Your Intuition and Manifestation

Heal Your Gut to Amplify Your Intuition and Manifestation

Healing is Personal. Here's My Story.

With the Trifecta of Wellness, you can heal. It's personal, but I want to sharae.

Does Science Support This Ritual

Ever been told you should take an Epsom salt bath to heal aches, release water retention, etc? If you were my client you were definitely told to take an Epsom salt bath. But does it really do what I thought it did? Here's the backstory as to why I decided to go in...

Totally Discounted or Not Comfortable Sharing

I have been working on an all natural nutritional supplement bar for over 10-years. I dedicated my time and energy in learning about the most important ingredients to support our body and mind as we age. This bar is for woman juggling careers, managing households and...

What To Do When Too Much Time Passes….

My husband once told me Time isn't real When he said this to me it was in the context of the production of my bar. This had me thinking and brings me now, here to this moment. The last time I connected with the Joulebody Community was the first week of May. Since then...

Why You Have to Trust and Surrender

Anxiety and panic attacks have become a norm for me in these past couple of months. I somethings think it's because I stopped drinking and have nothing to numb the noise in my head, but then I mostly think it's because I was born into chaos and grew up in chaos, so I...

How To Change Your Habits For A Better Future

Whenever I think about how I used to go about making a change in my life I remember that it came from a moment of spontaneousness. I reacted because I noticed my skin was aging, my stomach was bloated, or I drank too much. I would change my habit for a moment and not...

Retreating Caused By A Trigger

In 2017 I signed up for a coaching program. On the call prior to me signing up, I told her about my patterns, the behavior that triggered me to "retreat". When I wasn't sure what I needed to do, or if I was stuck in my old patterns, I would shut down and avoid doing...

Anxiety is a moment in time

I feel overwhelmed. Like you're giving me too many things to do and I'm not getting anything done. Two of my clients made this comment in one week after completing session one with me. I heard the annoyance in their voices, a tone of panic, anger, and anxiety.  I am a...

If At First You Get Distracted

A few days ago I spent my day moving my insurance paperwork from my desk to my bed, to my countertop, to my bag and back to my desk. I am noticing that as I pass the papers from one place to another there is an anxiety in my head on the process that needs to happen...

Listening To Other’s So I Can Heal

I was sitting with a group of woman listening to their stories. Watching their bodies shift in discomfort when they were asked to do something that would take them outside of who they already know themselves as was especially interesting to me because that was me. I...

Anxiety Relief Naturally

I am so happy to know that all of these years when I struggled with public speaking when in the middle of the day my heart rate would elevate and my hand would shake that I am not the only one and that there's a name for it and there is something you can do about it....

Morning Rituals For A Peaceful Day

There are three essential things you must do if you wake up with anxiety: meditate movement nutrition I know this as a fact not just because I learned about it, but because I live it. Once I get out of bed and begin to step into my day, my anxiety begins. It starts...

My Go To Exercises For Power

This is totally crazy but I don't' really go to the gym anymore. In fact, I don't take classes as much as I used to. I have taken on the practice of moving my body throughout the day, especially when I need to be creative, running to the gym or trying to make a class...

Why We Need Structure

Structure is something I've always struggled with and when I became a parent my lack of structure tortured this poor babies soul. He wanted it so badly but I thought that my lack of structure was my "bohemian side" when in fact what it really was--was my inability to...

My Top Choice Wellness Products

There are a lot of products to buy for your total wellbeing. If you give into all of them, or even some of them you may find yourself in debt with lot's of products and no idea what to do with them. For me, I want to know that my gut and heart are in good health. With...

Happy Cells Happy Body

It’s difficult to imagine something happening if you can’t see it. Out of sight out of mind. It works when you are trying to forget that break up but it doesn’t work with your health. Hide the blemishes by using cover-up. Mask the pain by taking Tylenol. Get more...

3 Simple Gut To Do’s For Energy

3 Simple Gut To Do’s For Energy

Totally counter-intuitive, but before I begin let me just be clear if you want to get the energy that is sustainable, control caffeine and sugar intake.

Now that I got that out of the way, I am going to tell you what I’ve learned. A few weeks ago I was in the midst of getting 2 boys to graduate school, one senior and another elementary school. At the same time, I was closing on my last coaching program, preparing the stuff to launch my nutrition bar and packing up to move from one coast to another. Add the fact that I quit drinking, and I basically had all the happenings to justify a nervous breakdown. Good news is, I didn’t have one. Bad news, my body paid for it.

What kept me insane?

Before I made any changes because I just couldn’t, I just needed to do what was in front of me and not stress about the fact that I ran out of chlorophyll and couldn’t replenish it because I was moving. I was barely able to keep food down and my appetite was totally depleted. I wasn’t exercising not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t, I mean physically my heart was racing. I would wake up with a heart beat of 107. Just so you can understand how bad that is, a usual resting heart rate is between 52-70. My RHR is usually 68. During this crazy time it was an average of 90-110.

My gut. If you looked at it from the outside it was toned and seemingly healthy. But I can tell you that it wasn’t. I was not sleeping well. I was not focused. And I was definitely not motivated.

So how did I know that came from my gut?

I finally got a grip and got back to my core routines, it was as if I was taking ambien to sleep, zanex to wake up and aderrall to focus. I got back to my supplements. I began to do my meditations and most important I bought all the things that I know help my guts bacteria be healthy, with that I felt the difference in my state of mind.

Here’s my quick go-to when I need energy that doesn’t keep me up at night but keeps me going during the day. And yes, these things help keep a healthy gut too.

  1. Greens: All sorts of greens. This includes: Matcha, chlorophyll, green tea, spirulina, and green veggies (which I am going, to be honest, I didn’t have much because it was awhile before I got access to a fridge and salads in restaurants just don’t interest me)
  2. Oat and things: I absolutely live for my morning concoction of oatmeal, chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, goji berries, coconut oil and water. That’s it. i didn’t have a stove, but for this, no stove needed, just hot water.
  3. Bananas and walnuts: I needed quick energy and quick easy nerve supporting foods. That was bananas and walnuts. Magnesium, potassium and healthy fats.

There you go! Make it simple. Don’t over complicate your meals. Know what you want to achieve and eat for that goal.

Consider Health Coaching for your Unstoppable Mind. Learn more about what that means by setting up a live call to answer your questions and get clarity on how this will benefit you.

Listening To Other’s So I Can Heal

Listening To Other’s So I Can Heal

I was sitting with a group of woman listening to their stories. Watching their bodies shift in discomfort when they were asked to do something that would take them outside of who they already know themselves as was especially interesting to me because that was me. I was the one that spoke loudly and argued my point and had criticisms for anyone who went against me or tried to tell me what I should do when in fact I already knew what I needed to do because right now at this moment I know me.

Let me see if I can articulate what it is I am getting at. Ever find yourself in a sticky situation and someone gives you advice and it sounds like good guidance however you are not willing to accept it as a possibility because what they are asking of you is to be someone other than the person you currently are? The person you are is one that is used to drama, confusion, anxiety, and lot’s of stress. Peace and happiness is not something that is familiar, because well if you believed like I did that state of mind only happens to the rich and famous. So here this person who took the time to listen to my situation and was kind enough to give me advice to only get my response to be…

you just don’t understand. You aren’t in my situation. You don’t know what it takes to be able to get out of this situation because you’re not me.

There is such a beauty with this new generation. They are reminding us the importance of care,

Care can only happen from me to you, if I take care of me first.

Listening is powerful. If you listen to yourself speak in reaction to someone else’s comments. If you listen to someone else’s comments in response to your sharing. If you do these in synch with each other you will notice where healing is coming from next. I mean when I watch the dynamic of these women I sat with listening to their confusions, insecurities and the inability to see things differently, I didn’t judge them, however, I took a look at me. I asked myself how often had I done that. And when I do that what is it that I am not willing to see. What is this person saying to me that triggered me to react in such a way that at times I just want to rip their head off?

Listening is an art. It’s an art that is helpful to our own self-awareness.

Listening is the only time we can be moved and be in stillness at the same time.

So what I learned by watching these woman that I sat with was how I reacted to someone commenting against my advice, how my body cringed listening to how often negative comments were made on a circumstance, i mean like over and over again. The theme seemed to be

I am broke. I have no money. I’m not making money.

And finally watching someone go from stone cold,



Wow. Yeah well I guess I am resisting that. Maybe I do need to work on it.

The difference in all of it was me. I no longer looked at each of the women and questioned their lives or their actions but instead, I looked at what I can do to improve my thoughts, make sure my words were coming out with the clear intention of what I intend on manifesting for me. If I am saying I can’t do this or I am not smart enough for that or I don’t have the money for this, then I am setting myself up for just that.  When I sit in a room with a bunch of woman listening to me and ready to give me feedback and comments I at least owe them the time to listen to what they are saying. Then take that information and decide what to do with it.

I have been practicing this whole idea of “speak it to action”, “cause and effect,” and  “law of attraction”. All of them basically lead to the same idea, I am in control of what happens in my life. I can only identify with what they are saying because it’s an opportunity for growth and healing. I have a strong desire to manifest a life filled with peace and happiness. By listening to others I have the opportunity to see my own journey within theirs. I no longer assume I am separate from them, the idea of duality does not exist for me. I am non-dual, therefore I listen to what you have to say and how you say it.


What If You Want to Manifest Happiness

What If You Want to Manifest Happiness

I was having a conversation with my husband about last weeks coaching sessions. I told him how I spent most of my time helping clients set their goals. And out of the eight people I coached, six of them came to the conclusion that happiness was their goal and all of them wanted balance. His reaction was

Well that isn’t going to happen. What’s there to be happy about?

My coaching session with each client began with where they are in their well-being. Then we started the work on their goal for manifesting better health. This question may sound weird. I actually had to think about the law of attraction to understand what it meant to manifest but also so that I can explain it to a client and they can be clear why this is important information to know.

What I’ve learned is that happiness is a state of mind and if there’s anything blocking that happiness from happening then we will constantly seek ways to reach that happiness. I know there are many ways people use to reach happiness that works just fine for their goals, but for me what I’ve learned about finding happiness is that my body and mind need to be taken care of and that is how I coach my clients. There are quick fix pills, drinks, drugs, and foods that can help you reach that happy state of mind, but it’s temporary and it makes you rely on something other than yourself, which doesn’t always work. Imagine if you were in charge of how you feel. Imagine if you were able to determine your happiness and be in control of how you feel. There’s not a person or a thing that does that for you other than you. I have learned in my years that this was one of the best gifts I can give myself.  It sounds strange but when you think about it, the craziness in our world of politics isn’t going anywhere, our lack of control of the weather isn’t going to change and our ability to foresee what the future holds in our finances or health isn’t going to change and to my husband’s point, with all of these obstacles how can I dare say to these clients that happiness is a possible goal.

I spent most of 2016 alone. I don’t mean physically alone, I mean emotionally alone. I needed to. I needed to retreat in order to figure out my life and where it was going. I had a nice home life, a great family, and good solid friendships but at the same time I lost my best friend to brain cancer and closed my company due to a breakdown so happiness seemed like a term I couldn’t really connect with. I did say “I’m grateful” a lot, but I wasn’t sure about happy? I don’t think I was happy. At that time I based my happiness on the success of my company my families healthy habits, my relationships with my mom, my friends and everyone in between. I also later found out that I was in perimenopause, the stage women go through before menopause. That means my hormones were out of wack, lack of progesterone making my estrogen levels high. Bottom-line if I wanted to be happy I needed to know how I can do that with my own body and mind. After a full year of putting that into practice, I know the importance of staying connected with “me” to know more about what I need to show up a better person for those around me and what I can do to be happy when there is no one other than me to make it happen.

As a wellness coach, I live and breath the science and spirituality of body/mind transformation. I have put every bit of extra time into workshops and seminars and books to stay informed and educated on the latest studies and stories that support theories on the law of attraction using body-mind practices.

Happiness is not just a feeling that happens, hormones have to be released the brain needs to be triggered and then a reaction happens. I look at the body as a machine and the brain as it’s engine. If your brain isn’t able to process the hormones that make you feel good properly then you may find yourself constantly seeking the feel-good emotions from things like food and pills. We are chemical beings and if we are feeding the body bad chemicals that react to the good chemicals, then you are likely not going to have happiness in your life that is longer than the moments you give it sugar or alcohol or a pill. Happiness becomes natural when we learn how to use what we feed our bodies and minds to benefit our goal of happiness.

I was forced to learn about my new hormone challenge that causes feelings of depression and heightens anxiety at the same time deal with the darkness of closing my company and losing a best friend meanwhile wanting the feeling of happiness. I took on the challenge and began researching my nutrition essentials and the kind of exercises I should do to stay basically “sane” hoping happiness would follow. It took a year of self-exploration and studies to create a system that worked and what that system involved was wellness rituals.

My response to my husband on

Is happiness possible?

Yes! Absolutely, but you have to want it enough to live a mindful lifestyle to have it.

If you want to be happy follow these simple things daily:

  • a gut healing diet plan everyday!
  • take time out to connect with your body and mind through meditation
  •  exercise frequently, for some that means taking a brisk walk for others that means going for a run or strength training, either way, move your body daily