Heal Your Gut to Amplify Your Intuition and Manifestation

Heal Your Gut to Amplify Your Intuition and Manifestation

Healing is Personal. Here's My Story.

With the Trifecta of Wellness, you can heal. It's personal, but I want to sharae.

Does Science Support This Ritual

Ever been told you should take an Epsom salt bath to heal aches, release water retention, etc? If you were my client you were definitely told to take an Epsom salt bath. But does it really do what I thought it did? Here's the backstory as to why I decided to go in...

Totally Discounted or Not Comfortable Sharing

I have been working on an all natural nutritional supplement bar for over 10-years. I dedicated my time and energy in learning about the most important ingredients to support our body and mind as we age. This bar is for woman juggling careers, managing households and...

What To Do When Too Much Time Passes….

My husband once told me Time isn't real When he said this to me it was in the context of the production of my bar. This had me thinking and brings me now, here to this moment. The last time I connected with the Joulebody Community was the first week of May. Since then...

Why You Have to Trust and Surrender

Anxiety and panic attacks have become a norm for me in these past couple of months. I somethings think it's because I stopped drinking and have nothing to numb the noise in my head, but then I mostly think it's because I was born into chaos and grew up in chaos, so I...

How To Change Your Habits For A Better Future

Whenever I think about how I used to go about making a change in my life I remember that it came from a moment of spontaneousness. I reacted because I noticed my skin was aging, my stomach was bloated, or I drank too much. I would change my habit for a moment and not...

Retreating Caused By A Trigger

In 2017 I signed up for a coaching program. On the call prior to me signing up, I told her about my patterns, the behavior that triggered me to "retreat". When I wasn't sure what I needed to do, or if I was stuck in my old patterns, I would shut down and avoid doing...

Anxiety is a moment in time

I feel overwhelmed. Like you're giving me too many things to do and I'm not getting anything done. Two of my clients made this comment in one week after completing session one with me. I heard the annoyance in their voices, a tone of panic, anger, and anxiety.  I am a...

If At First You Get Distracted

A few days ago I spent my day moving my insurance paperwork from my desk to my bed, to my countertop, to my bag and back to my desk. I am noticing that as I pass the papers from one place to another there is an anxiety in my head on the process that needs to happen...

Listening To Other’s So I Can Heal

I was sitting with a group of woman listening to their stories. Watching their bodies shift in discomfort when they were asked to do something that would take them outside of who they already know themselves as was especially interesting to me because that was me. I...

Anxiety Relief Naturally

I am so happy to know that all of these years when I struggled with public speaking when in the middle of the day my heart rate would elevate and my hand would shake that I am not the only one and that there's a name for it and there is something you can do about it....

Morning Rituals For A Peaceful Day

There are three essential things you must do if you wake up with anxiety: meditate movement nutrition I know this as a fact not just because I learned about it, but because I live it. Once I get out of bed and begin to step into my day, my anxiety begins. It starts...

My Go To Exercises For Power

This is totally crazy but I don't' really go to the gym anymore. In fact, I don't take classes as much as I used to. I have taken on the practice of moving my body throughout the day, especially when I need to be creative, running to the gym or trying to make a class...

Why We Need Structure

Structure is something I've always struggled with and when I became a parent my lack of structure tortured this poor babies soul. He wanted it so badly but I thought that my lack of structure was my "bohemian side" when in fact what it really was--was my inability to...

My Top Choice Wellness Products

There are a lot of products to buy for your total wellbeing. If you give into all of them, or even some of them you may find yourself in debt with lot's of products and no idea what to do with them. For me, I want to know that my gut and heart are in good health. With...

Happy Cells Happy Body

It’s difficult to imagine something happening if you can’t see it. Out of sight out of mind. It works when you are trying to forget that break up but it doesn’t work with your health. Hide the blemishes by using cover-up. Mask the pain by taking Tylenol. Get more...

3 Simple Gut To Do’s For Energy

3 Simple Gut To Do’s For Energy

Totally counter-intuitive, but before I begin let me just be clear if you want to get the energy that is sustainable, control caffeine and sugar intake.

Now that I got that out of the way, I am going to tell you what I’ve learned. A few weeks ago I was in the midst of getting 2 boys to graduate school, one senior and another elementary school. At the same time, I was closing on my last coaching program, preparing the stuff to launch my nutrition bar and packing up to move from one coast to another. Add the fact that I quit drinking, and I basically had all the happenings to justify a nervous breakdown. Good news is, I didn’t have one. Bad news, my body paid for it.

What kept me insane?

Before I made any changes because I just couldn’t, I just needed to do what was in front of me and not stress about the fact that I ran out of chlorophyll and couldn’t replenish it because I was moving. I was barely able to keep food down and my appetite was totally depleted. I wasn’t exercising not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t, I mean physically my heart was racing. I would wake up with a heart beat of 107. Just so you can understand how bad that is, a usual resting heart rate is between 52-70. My RHR is usually 68. During this crazy time it was an average of 90-110.

My gut. If you looked at it from the outside it was toned and seemingly healthy. But I can tell you that it wasn’t. I was not sleeping well. I was not focused. And I was definitely not motivated.

So how did I know that came from my gut?

I finally got a grip and got back to my core routines, it was as if I was taking ambien to sleep, zanex to wake up and aderrall to focus. I got back to my supplements. I began to do my meditations and most important I bought all the things that I know help my guts bacteria be healthy, with that I felt the difference in my state of mind.

Here’s my quick go-to when I need energy that doesn’t keep me up at night but keeps me going during the day. And yes, these things help keep a healthy gut too.

  1. Greens: All sorts of greens. This includes: Matcha, chlorophyll, green tea, spirulina, and green veggies (which I am going, to be honest, I didn’t have much because it was awhile before I got access to a fridge and salads in restaurants just don’t interest me)
  2. Oat and things: I absolutely live for my morning concoction of oatmeal, chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, goji berries, coconut oil and water. That’s it. i didn’t have a stove, but for this, no stove needed, just hot water.
  3. Bananas and walnuts: I needed quick energy and quick easy nerve supporting foods. That was bananas and walnuts. Magnesium, potassium and healthy fats.

There you go! Make it simple. Don’t over complicate your meals. Know what you want to achieve and eat for that goal.

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Does Science Support This Ritual

Does Science Support This Ritual

Ever been told you should take an Epsom salt bath to heal aches, release water retention, etc? If you were my client you were definitely told to take an Epsom salt bath. But does it really do what I thought it did?

Here’s the backstory as to why I decided to go in deeper in this ritual. I recently moved from NYC to LA. During this time my anxiety was heightened. To top the anxiety I had given up drinking so there wasn’t much relief. Yes, meditation would have helped but when your home is tossed and your space is dismantled, a relaxed state of mind for someone that is as highly anxious as I am was not happening. My heart was racing so much that even running was not happening. To top that, my go-to nutrition plan to get grounded during times of heightening anxiety and stress was not working because of my body and mind reaction to extreme stress by not holding down food. I mean literally, I was not able to keep it down and eventually had absolutely no appetite for it.

I couldn’t keep food down because my mind was acting as if I was in danger

I couldn’t run because my heart was racing and my muscles were fatigued

I wasn’t able to sit in stillness mainly because there was no peaceful place

When all else fails I seek healing.

A really good friend recommended I see her healer. At this point, I was desperate and needed a solution, so I made an appointment. We spent a few hours together. She did psychic work on me, hands-on healing and she used some machine on me to stir up what she called “toxic energy” and get it moving. That’s when she ended by saying,

Take a bath using Epsom salt, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. This will help remove the negative energy you have sticking to you.

Ok? I was open to it and I did it. I believe that sometimes things work like the placebo effect. Because I truly believe that this ritual will get rid of toxic energy. But what does science say?

I am only going to get into the Epsom salt bath because that’s the one I’ve shared with my clients because I believed in its healing effects, detoxing.

Epsom Salt Baths For Detoxing

The benefits that come from heat from water—which is an opportunity to relax—and the benefits of heat on capillary dilation at skin level relieve pain. Also by adding Epsom salts, you may feel extra relaxed because the water feels silkier.

Science has shown the effects of magnesium in IV is amazing and has done such things as helping blood get healthier, relieve joint and muscle aches and help to relax the body and mind. These same results were not proven by those who just used Epsom salt in baths.

What I decided is that if something is going to make my bath experience more relaxing and it helps me to feel better, then why not. It definitely has shown more positive effects and absolutely no negative side effects so why not. And a new ritual that I starting practicing with my Epsom salt is scrubbing my body with it as I am stepping into the bath so the salt falls into my bath and my body is exfoliated

Use Epsom salt baths to detoxify by oral ingestion: 10 to 30 grams for adults according to Healthline*. I have done this before and it definitely helped with bowel movements. And that is exactly what you want when you are detoxing. Get that sh*t out!! https://www.healthline.com/health/epsom-salt-detox#benefits


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Totally Discounted or Not Comfortable Sharing

Totally Discounted or Not Comfortable Sharing

I have been working on an all natural nutritional supplement bar for over 10-years. I dedicated my time and energy in learning about the most important ingredients to support our body and mind as we age. This bar is for woman juggling careers, managing households and dealing with hormonal shift from either post baby or perimenopause. It’s truly a dream I have had since I began my wellness journey.

I wanted to learn more about her, so I got a strategist involved. He recommended I interview my ideal client. Boy was he right on. In 2-days I was lucky enough to interview 10 woman. He had given me a list of questions like,

What is your biggest struggle?

What time of the day is your hardest?

What is your go to for energy?

As I went into it and got more and more comfortable, I began to ask questions like

Do you drink alcohol

How prepped are you when it comes to your meals

Do you believe that what you eat affects your mood

9 out of the 10 woman were not prepared so ate whatever

10 out of 10 knew they felt better if they ate healthier and exercised

8 out of 10 connected their alcohol with a mood

10 out of 10 struggled with coffee, some wanted to stop but couldn’t others drank a lot less than usual because they were afraid of being addicted

What I found interesting is that every single one of them had heavy demands on their day that required lot’s of energy and yet no one said they ate sugar. I wasn’t sure if they were disconnected to using sugar as a way to get energy or they didn’t have sugary foods?

I learned how much they relied on juices and how morning was the most difficult time of their day, however they made no connection to the impact the night before had on their morning “feeling”. I was confused on how little they seemed to talk about the connection between the way they ate and the way they felt. But even more disturbing was that all of them said they know how good they feel when they eat right but they just don’t always have the time and for whatever reason don’t plan ahead so they end up eating whatever.

There either is a disconnection or a disbelief.

I imagine if I dove deeper into the conversation I can learn more.

You are what you eat has been around in forever and if we feed our bodies foods it can utilize for healing and manifesting, then we can easily receive the messages on what is toxic and what is healing.

Who’s to say what each of us really need, right?  My great uncle is 84 years old. Never been to a doctor and lives on bread and coffee. Not even kidding. He was in the Korean war, came home an alcoholic and has suffered plenty of trauma throughout his life. Barely has teeth left, yet he is always smiling and joking. Gets up at 6am, plays dominos most of the day and walks about 5-10 miles everyday. Anyone looking at him would say, he’s doing ok. Then there’s my best friend who was a mother of a little girl, yoga teacher, personal trainer and studing to be a nutritionist who died at the age of 44 of cancer. What’s that about?

I like to think I live my life as connected to the source and if for some reason I have information that helps me live in a higher vibrating state, then I am open and willing. Bring it on!

If you are connected to me in someway, either by friendship, family or client, then you want to learn more about how to take better care of yourself. I believe that you are brought to this page because you know that you don’t need to live in discomfort, pain or anxiety. You can be healthier. You can feel more in control. And most important you are able to manifest the life you desire. To do this you have to remove the blocks of chemicals and toxins. You have to let go of low vibrating habits and you must be willing to accept change. I did lot’s of research on every ingredient in my bar. That is what has taken this process so long. Remember it was 10-years ago. The studies we have on sugar even organic and raw proves that it causes inflammation. Just like the studies on curcumin and super-foods prove to be extremely beneficial to remove inflammation and inflammation is the cause of all diseases.

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