Who Will Benefit From Detox Your Health:

Do you find yourself taking care of everything and everyone except for yourself? Have you been feeling tired and out of shape? Are diet and exercise plans just not feeling like they’re right for you? Are you ready to finally get to your lifestyle goals! Let’s connect

A FREE 20 minutes strategy session will help me plan out what needs to happen so we can get you started to finally reach your lifestyle goals filled with health & happiness.

Accountability for March

(1) Monthly accountability call with weekly FB community, email or text check-ins. As your coach, I am here to make sure you are working to reach your lifestyle goals. I will help you with what to eat, how & where to work-out and meditation program scientifically proven to relieve stress & anxiety.


BONUS #1 Two monthly guided mediation practices Each practice will be (7) minutes designed personally for you to help cleanse out your limiting thoughts and anxious feelings. Yvette will create your practice to be focused on what is happening in your life at that moment.

BONUS #2 Your Self Confidence Book Yvette’s guide to creating your story book so you can understand where the toxic habits came from and your vision for the journey on how you got unstuck and moved into the life you dreamed of