If you are struggling with mood swings, having trouble focusing or being productive, and if you crave sugar then likely you need to get on a Gut Healing Program.


Your gut is your brain. Research proves this to be a fact and the health of your microbiome determines how you process information, how you handle everyday stress and how well you process nutrients.


If you want to lose weight, sleep better, be more productive, not feel so anxious all the time, and most importantly BE HEALTHY, we need to make a plan. 


Why Gut Health?

  • Your gut holds your emotions, your cravings, and your intuition
  • If your gut is unhealthy, you may find yourself feeling anxious, lacking focus and struggling with mood swings
  • It’s not a trend, gut health comes from science and research advancing and learning the complexity of the human body and mind make-up

How I Work

  • By using AI (artificial intelligence) we can access your gut health and compare it to all the information that is out there to match you with the right kind of diet plan
  • By practicing the trifecta of wellness, nutrition, exercise, and meditation you will begin to reconnect with your gut intuition
  • By using plant medicine, CBD, Kava, chlorophyll, seeds, and other essential nutrients, you will heal your adrenals, hormones, and of course your gut
  • Diving into your triggers, you will be able to know what part of you needs to be healed and worked on for your optimum health

Hi Yvette, this session really resonated with me on a deeper level. We discussed from our first session fear and how to move through it. I understand the importance of self-care and nutrition in the process of having the stamina to face and embrace my fears. Thank you for sharing your understanding of the subconscious and conscious minds and how they work and how I need to work with them. Have a great day!! N

Nancy Boas

Creative Director

“I love this program. I work best with an accountability partner and I have that now. So far I’ve lost 10lbs. Your “keep this moment as a new moment” comment struck me, I needed to hear it as I was drowning in guilt. “

Kim C.


What Are You Waiting For?

Your time is now. You don't need to worry so much. And you definitely don't need to feel so bad.
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